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How to Transfer / Deauthorize A License

For BobCAD-CAM V24 - V29,

And, BobCAM for SolidWorks V6 & Older


If you are trying to deauthorize your BobCAD software (V24-V29) or if you need to transfer the license to a new computer, please follow the steps below. You will need to deauthorize your Version of BobCAD from your old computer before you can reauthorize it onto the new computer.






1. Open BobCAD-CAM

2. Go to Help > License and write down your License ID

4. Go to Help > Deauthorize and write down the User Codes

5. Send an email to [email protected] with the follow info:



I would like to deauthorize the license on my computer for V(Insert version# here).

Here is the info needed to deauthorize it:


User Code 1: (INSERT HERE)

User Code 2: (INSERT HERE)

User Code 3: (INSERT HERE)


6. Await an email for the Deauthorization Codes

7. Navigate back to the Deauthorization page and input the codes from the reply to your email.

8. Click, "Deauthorize"


You are now free to register the license on another computer using the same license ID and password (found on your invoice).


If you need further assistance, please contact our support team at (727) 489 – 0003 or [email protected]

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