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Rhino Commands used for CAM

Specific For CAM

Command Used For? Description
ShowBobCAMRhino Show CAM Plugin Shows the BobCAM for Rhino plugin complete with: Data Entry; CAM Manager (CAM Tree, Operation Tree, Tool Tree, Post); and BobArt windows
ExtractMeshEdges 2x Toolpath Geom; CAM Boundary; Ref Geom Grabs and extracts edges of a Mesh
Dir Modify Surface-Based CAM Geom View Surface Normals and “Flip”
MeshOutline 2x Toolpath Geom; CAM Boundary; Ref Geom Works like “Silhouette” in BobCAD-CAM. Creates 2d outline wireframe of the mesh
MeshIntersect Ref Geom; Use for Splitting geometry in CAD Works like Intersection Curves in BobCAD. Gives you polylines of the intersection between meshes
DupFaceBorder 2x Toolpath Geom; CAM Boundary; Ref Geom If you have a Nurbs/Polysurface model, use this to extract edges off surfaces or faces
Silhouette 2x/3x Toolpath Geom; CAM Boundary; Ref Geom Extract edges off a model. Select Surfaces or Mesh

Standard Common Rhino Commands

Command Used For? Description
ExtractPt Ref Geom; Drill Hole position Extract points off a surface. Useful when trying to find center point of a surface
Hide & Show Blank out/show CAD Quick way to blank out geom if it is in the way
Split Modify CAD Split any entity with another entity including Curves, Meshes, Surface, Solids
Join Quick Select CAD Join entities together to make one selectable object
Tip: Middle-Mouse click to access fast
Explode Modify CAD The reverse of the Join command
Tip: Middle-Mouse click to access fast
Trim Modify CAD Cuts and removes selected portions of entities (combination of Surfaces, Solids, Wireframe can be used together)
Loft Create CAD Create surface in-between two curves
Tip: See videos in link
Sweep1 & Sweep2 Create CAD Creates surfaces that follow selected wireframe
PlanarSrf Create CAD If you have a flat 2d wireframe, use this to create a surface to fill it in
Cap Create CAD Used to fill in flat gaps in a nurbs/polysurface model.
Offset Create CAD Offset another curve by a given distance
Lock & Unlock Modify CAD, Create CAD Used to Lock an entity from being modified. Useful when trying to create geom over or inside another model
Middle-Mouse click to access fast
ExtendSrf Modify CAD; 3x Toolpath extend CAM Toolpath Used for Nurbs/polysurface model. Extend surface to force the toolpath to move straight off the part (Use with 3 Axis Pro module).


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