How to Request a Post-Processor Modification?

If you don't find the exact post-processor you are looking for in our online library but there is a close enough post-processor, or if you have a post-processor that needs to be modified, you can request a post-processor modification. This video walks you through the process of requesting a post-processor modification.

If You Are Ready to Submit Your Request Now

If You Want to Submit Your Request Later

Creation and Modification of a Standard Post-Processor

Standard Post Processors can be modified and created by support for currently supported versions, click here to find out what versions are still supported, at the request of a customer with a current support subscription. Standard post means the following can be set up in the Post Processor.

  • G&M (ISO) Code Post Processor
  • File Header Send Characters
  • Default Program Header / Safety Lines
  • Use of Cutter Compensation (Profile Cutting)
  • Work Offsets
  • Feed Rate Output
  • Tool Height Offsets
  • Point to Point Motion
  • Tool Change Calls
  • Standard Canned Cycles *
  • Program End Codes
  • File Trailer Codes


* Supported Standard Canned Cycles

  • Drill
  • Peck Drill
  • Chip Break
  • Tap or Rigid Tap – Left & Right Hand
  • Bore I
  • Bore II


  • Drill
  • Rough Turn (OD/ID and Face)
  • Finish Turn (OD/ID and Face)
  • Thread (Straight and Tapered)
  • Bar Feed
  • Grooving (OD/ID and Face)