If you are new to BobCAD-CAM, please watch the videos below first. The Post-Processor you are looking for may already come with the software or it may be available in our online library of 600+ Post-Processors. Sometimes, you may even find a Post-Processor that is very close to what you are looking for but it just needs a few small modifications. If you still can't find the Post-Processor you are looking for, submit a post-processor request to the posting department.

Are you new to the software or want to learn about post processors in BobCAD-CAM? This guide is a introduction to post processors and BobCAD-CAM. We cover the basics of a post processor as well as how to request one if needed.


The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Post Processor that works for YOU!

Post-processor is a language definition ASCII text file that acts as a data translator. A post-processor converts the CAM-generated toolpaths into an NC program that is formatted in a way that can be read and executed by whatever CNC controller it’s intended to work with.

2-axis Lathe, 3-axis Mill/Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and WireEDM post-processors for most mainstream CNC controllers are installed with the software. This video shows how you can access them.

If you don't find the post-processor you are looking for among the pre-installed post-processors, there is a good chance that you can find it in our online library. This library contains more than 600 post-processors for 2-axis Lathe, 3-axis Mill/Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and Wire-EDM machines. This video shows how you can download a post-processor from our online library.

If you don't find the exact post-processor you are looking for in our online library but there is a close enough post-processor, or if you have a post-processor that needs to be modified, you can request a post-processor modification. This video walks you through the process of requesting a post-processor modification.

If the post-processor you are looking for is not installed with the software or can't be found in our online post-processor library, you need to request a new post-processor to be built. Watch this to learn how you can submit a post-processor creation request.

Sometimes your machine offers features that are not natively supported by our software. For example, your machine might have a drilling unit (drill bank) or multiple spindle heads. This video explains what a custom scripted post is and how you can request one.