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How to Create/Import Tools in BobCAD-CAM


There are 3 main ways you can create or import Tools in BobCAD-CAM: Standard Tool Creation Through the Tool Library; Custom 2D Wireframe Tool Geometry; and Export/Import 3D Tool Models using MachiningCloud

The options and links below will provide you with more info about how to create/import these tools based on the scenario you are trying to use.


Option 1: Standard Tool Creation Through the Tool Library

The standard way to create tools in BobCAD-CAM is through the Tool Library using the dimensions shown:


Follow through the link below for more details:


Option 2: Custom 2D Wireframe Tool Geometry

If you need to make a custom tool geometry because none of the Tool Types in the Tool Library offer the dimensions you need, you can “Assign Tool Geometry” to your tool.


Follow through the links below for more details on how to set up the tool geometry for selection:

For Milling Tools:

For Lathe Tools:


Option 3: Export/Import 3D Tool Models using MachiningCloud

Another way to import tools is through MachiningCloud. MachiningCloud allows you to Export/Import 3d Models of your tool into BobCAD-CAM (eg. Cylindrical Lathe Boring Bar), you can accomplish this by finding your tools in their catalogs and Exporting them from the “My Tools” tab. Once you have downloaded the tools zipped folder, import that zipped folder into BobCAD-CAM through the Tool Library:



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