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Whether it is our Tech Support Team providing a wide range of useful knowledge and assistance to customers at a rapid speed, our Posting Team providing Post Processors specific for your machine whether it be for Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, Wire EDM, Lathe, Millturn or 2-5 Axis Milling machines, our Training Team helping users better understand how to use the software and providing comprehensive Onsite training or one-on-one online trainings tailored towards you and your needs, or our Development Team implementing cutting edge CAD & CAM software technologies like our new Multiblade, Port Machining, Deburring and Turn Milling Toolpaths.

We strive every day for the very best, so that we can provide incredible support for our customers and give them access to the very best tools in the industry all at an affordable cost!


This page serves as a guide to help get setup using the software in a quick and easy process while also providing useful links and resources.

Get up and running with the software in just 3 easy steps below:

The first step is to Install and Register the software using the download link from the email we sent you and the License ID and Password provided on your invoice. Use the video or links below if you need assistance with this step. 


Once the software is installed and registered, you will need a post processor for your machine.

There are two components to a Post Processor; The Machine folder that contains the virtual machine in BobCAD (you can set macro settings and machine parameters for your machine in the “Current Settings” when right-clicking on “CAM Defaults” that get stored in this machine folder) and the Post Processor .BCPst file which contains the actual contents that make up the Post Processor. 

What is a Post-Processor

Post-processor is a language definition ASCII text file that acts as a data translator. A post-processor converts the CAM-generated toolpaths into an NC program that is formatted in a way that can be read and executed by whatever CNC controller it’s intended to work with. There are posting questions that you can switch between and toggle things off and on such as Sequence Numbers or adjusting the feedrate units and Posting Lines which affect the actual output of the g-code on that specific line.

Where to Find Post Processors

The post-processor you are looking for may already come pre-installed with the software or it may be available in our online library of 600+ post-processors (found HERE). Sometimes, you may even find a post-processor that is very close to what you are looking for but it just needs a few small modifications (Request a Modification HERE). If you still can't find the Post-Processor you are looking for, please contact our Support team (Phone Number: (727) 489 - 0003 or Email: [email protected]).

1. Pre-Installed in the software

2-axis Lathe, 3-axis Mill/Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and WireEDM post-processors for most mainstream CNC controllers including Haas, Fanuc, Fagor, Siemens, Heidenhain, and more that already come pre-installed with the software.

To access these Post Processors, simply Start a New Job in the software and select it from the Machine drop-down box.

Note: If you are looking for Mill-Turn or other 4-axis & 5-axis machines, those need to be requested through our Posting team (found HERE).

This video explains how you can access the pre-installed post-processors.

2. Online Default Post Processor Database

If you don't find the post-processor you are looking for among the pre-installed post-processors, there is a good chance that you can find it in our online library. This library contains more than 600 post-processors for 2-axis Lathe, 3-axis Mill/Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and Wire-EDM machines. This video shows how you can download a post-processor from our online library.

Request a Post Processor Modification

If you went through steps 1 and 2 and still can't find the exact post-processor you are looking for in our online library but there is a close enough post-processor, or if you have a post-processor that needs to be modified, you can request a post-processor modification. This video walks you through the process of requesting a post-processor modification.

Request a New Post Processor

If the post-processor you are looking for is not installed with the software or can't be found in our online post-processor library, you need to request a new post-processor to be built. Watch this to learn how you can submit a post-processor creation request.

At this point, you should have the software installed & registered and a post processor that you can test out for your machine. You are now free to start using the software and getting familiar with the user interface on your own!


Where to Begin? Helpful Training Resources Below!

If you are not sure where to begin learning how to use the software, there will be a list of links to get you started below:


Note: If you would like more information about our Support Plans and Training Options, please give our Support Team a call at (727) 489 - 0003 or Email at [email protected]  


Getting Started Training Resources:

This section will list helpful links / videos to get you started using the software.



In-Depth Training Resources:

This section will list other training resources that can help expedite the learning process. If you are interesting use the links provided or contact us at Phone Number: (727) 489-0003 or Email: [email protected]


  • One-on-One Online Training Sessions (OLT): Go HERE 


Live one-on-one trainings with one of our trainers. It can cover anything about the software including teaching with customer parts to better understand how certain parts get applied using BobCAD-CAM. We can tailor the training towards your area of expertise.


  • Inhouse Training: Go HERE


Join us at our home office in sunny Tampa, Florida, located just 10 minutes from the white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.

Choose from a wide selection of standard CNC programming and CAD design coursework or create a personalized curriculum with our training team that best fits your manufacturing industry and job types. Bring the entire team; we can accommodate large group sizes.

When training at our facility, we provide workstations for you to work step-by-step along with the instructor. These are highly interactive sessions that can be completely personalized around your jobs and parts.


  • Onsite Training: Go HERE


BobCAD-CAM offers On-Site training classes to be held right there at your shop, right where your machines are so that you can be trained in your own environment. The training is customized to suit your needs for the products that you manufacture.

Learn how to utilize all features of the software that can help you become more productive and save time, including tips and tricks that help you cut corners and maximize efficiency. Every question is relative when it’s being asked by a coworker, so every minute of the training is beneficial for everyone. See immediate results with your investment when you schedule your own On-Site Training today!



3 day in person instructor led training seminar to become proficient in the latest version of BobCAD. This covers CAD Functions, as well as CAM Functions for 2 and 3 Axis Milling Machines.


Other Knowledge Resources:

This section will list other useful resources to further your knowledge of BobCAD.





Contact our Support Team!

If you have went through the steps above and run into any issues along the way, never hesitate to give us a call! We are always happy to help!


You can Submit a Ticket to our Tech Support Team here: https://bobcadsupport.com/technical-support/request-ticket/


Or, contact using the info below:


Phone Number: (727) 489 – 0003

Email: [email protected]

Forum: forum.bobcad.com


Note: Make sure to have your Customer ID ready upon contact. This can be found on your software invoice or in the software by going to File --> Help --> Show License Status