Post-Processor Development

Interested in writing a BobCAD-CAM post-processor by yourself? We have created a post-processor help system that walks you through the process of post-processor development with step-by-step lessons and hands-on practices. Access the help system and other useful links below.

You can also download our post-processor development PDF documentation from the links below.

Use VSCode to Create/Modify Post Processors

Visual Studio Code is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used in programming to make writing, running, and debugging code more efficient. We have created the BobCAD-CAM Post Processor Utility extension inside of VSCode to make it easier to create and modify BobCAD-CAM post processors. This includes features like Syntax Highlighting for post processor files including syntax highlighting for VBScript and Lua programming blocks, AutoCompletion that suggests BobCAD Post Variables and BobCAD APIs, Code Snippets that makes it easy to setup BobCAD Specific code blocks or Lua/VBScript code blocks, Commands (SHIFT + CTRL + P and type "bobcad" to see all commands) that help with finding documentation and shortcuts that make it faster to modify a post processor, and a "Post Blocks" tree that organizes Post Blocks in your post processor to make it easier to find specific post blocks that you need to navigate to and modify.

 Download Visual Studio Code (Download 64-bit)



1. Click the "Extensions" icon in the left-hand column
2. Type "bobcad" and hit "Enter"
3. Click "Install"


Demo of BobCAD-CAM Post Processor Utility


  • Syntax Highlighting for all BobCAD-CAM Post Processor File Extensions
  • AutoCompletion (Post Variables and BobCAD APIs)
  • Code Snippets (Over 250+ related to BobCAD-CAM, Lua, and VBScript)
  • Formatter (SHIFT + ALT + F)
  • Post Blocks Tree Viewer (For easy Post Block navigation)
  • Shortcut for debug_on/off (CTRL + ALT + D)
  • Append Revision Log Command
  • Go to Program Block (CTRL + Click on program_block_# or lua_block_#)
  • Open Help Systems Directly in VSCode
  • Post Block Information on Hover
  • Go to Post Block Command

Other Visual Studio Code Extensions that pair well with BobCAD-CAM:

  • Shades of Purple by: Ahmad Axais
    • Provides a clear and bold set of colors for syntax highlighting
  • Lua by: sumneko
    • General Lua language extension
    • Will also provide syntax highlighting in BobCAD post processors in the Lua program blocks (2701 - 2799)
  • VBScript by: Darfka
    • General VBScript language extension
    • Will also provide syntax highlighting in BobCAD post processors in the VBScript program blocks (2001 - 2099)
  • MoonSharp Debug by: Marco Mastropaolo
    • If you want to make a Lua Plugin for BobCAD, this tool can be used to debug your code.