Post-Processor Development

Interested in writing a BobCAD-CAM post-processor by yourself? We have created a post-processor help system that walks you through the process of post-processor development with step-by-step lessons and hands-on practices. Access the help system from the link below.

BobCAD-CAM Post-Processor Help System

You can also download our post-processor development PDF documentation from the links below.

Use Notepad++ to Create/Modify Post Processors

Notepad++ is a code editor that you can utilize to open your post processors and easily modify them. You can also utilize the "Compare" plug-in for NotePad++ to compare post processors and NC programs to each other to find the differences. We have also created our own BCPst Langauge that you can download and install below to make it easier to view and read your post processor files. Open the ReadMe.txt file in the zipped folder to install it. Features include Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion of Post Variables.