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Toolpath Inside of Model (Multi-Axis Feature) - Reverse Surface Normals



This document will describe how to fix surface normals for a multi-axis feature. You may need to do this if you see that the toolpath was created inside of the model. The reason this is happening is because of how the surface normal is orientated on that surface.

The example below shows a multi-axis feature using Parallel Cuts for the surface toolpath.


Pic. 1 – The Multi-Axis Toolpath Issue


1. Go to Utilities Reverse Surface Normal


This will show which way the surface normal is facing and will allow you to reverse the direction of it.


Pic. 2 – Surface Normal Shown on Surface

Note: The surface normal should always be pointing outwards from the model.


2. Select the surface and press “OK” Then “Cancel”


Pic. 3 – Surface Normal Pointing Outwards


3. Go back to your CAM Tree and Re-Select your drive surface for the Multi-axis feature


A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated


4. Right click on the feature and select “Compute All Toolpath”


Pic. 4 – Re-Computed Toolpath


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