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Performing an Undercut in Mill 2 Axis When Using a T-Cutter


This article will show how to create an undercut toolpath using a T-Cutter and the 2x Profile Feature.




Pic. 1 - Example Undercut Part

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1. Right-click on the "Machine Setup" in the CAM Tree and select "Mill 2 Axis"

2. Click "Select Geometry" and select the bottom edge of the inside of the undercut (In reference to the example above)

Note: You only need to select edges of the surfaces or 2d wireframe geometry. Do not select the surfaces.

3. Click the "Pick Top" box and select the top portion of the undercut (See pic below)

4. Click the "Pick Bottom" box and select the bottom portion of the undercut and hit "OK" (See pic below)


Pic. 2 - Setting Up the Undercut Feature

5. In the "Machining Strategy" tab, choose a profile rough or profile finish.

6. Select a T-Cutter tool on the tool.

7. If the undercut will require multiple depth passes then go to the "Parameters" Tab, and click on "Multiple Steps".

8. Next. select the "Defined depth" and call out the thickness of you tool as your "Depth of Cut".

9. After this point go to the "Leads" Tab and select a lead that is appropriate so that the tool doesn’t plunge into the undercut. (Typical leads are parallel with at least half the diameter in length)


Pic. 3 - Setting Up the Depth of the Undercut Feature

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10. Hit the Compute button


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