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Setting Up Job Templates


Job Templates are designed to allow you to load in a job which has any amount of job items saved to it. The job you load from a template could have as little as the Job Type, Machine, and Default Parameter Template saved to it, but could even include several machine setups, their features and operations, group folders, indexes, wrapping groups, and more. Literally anything that is in your job when it is saved will be loaded as the template the next time it is used.


Creating a Job Template

1.  After fully completing the CAM job, right-click the Milling/Turning job, and select Save as Job Template.

2.  Set the File name, and click Save.


NOTE: The template is saved and ready to use.


Using a Job Template

1.  In the CAM Tree, right-click on CAM Defaults, and click Job from Template.

2.  In the Job Template group, select a Job Template from the list.

3.  Click OK.


NOTE: After creating the job from template, the stock, machine setup location, and all feature from the original setup will be added to the new job.



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