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How to Increase Performance of Integrated Intel GPUs


Please refer to the BobCAD system requirements page to check the computer requirements to properly run BobCAD-CAM: BobCAD-CAM System Requirements 


On our system requirements page, we require that you use a dedicated graphics card (ex. NVIDIA, AMD), rather than an onboard Intel card like in this article. The results from this adjustment to the computer below is not guaranteed to fix performance issues on the computer, but simply meant to help improve it. You will want to eventually get a dedicated card to run with BobCAD.


Increase dedicated VRAM via Registry Editor (integrated Intel GPU’s)




1. Press Windows key + R to open Run, and type regedit. Hit Enter.

2. Using the arrows to the left of each folder, Navigate to


3. In the side-panel, right-click the Intel folder and select New > Key, then name it GMM.

4. In the side-panel, under Intel, a new GMM folder should appear. With the GMM folder selected, in the right section on an empty space right-click and create a New > Dword (32-bit).

5. Name it DedicatedSegmentSize.

6. Now double-click the DedicatedSegmentSize, under Base choose Decimal.

7. Under Value data type a number between 0 and 512 (Type in 512 for max performance). That’s the amount of RAM you can allocate in megabytes, and it should appear in Adapter Properties.

8. Save and Restart

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team at (727) 489 – 0003 or [email protected]

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