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The new Deburring operation allows you to automatically create toolpath to trim complex edges or apply chamfers/fillets to the edges of your parts. For all machined parts, sharp edges must be dealt with. The burrs on sharp edges are a safety issue for the machinists working on them and can even affect the functionality of the part. While taking care of these edges on basic 2-3 axis parts is fairly simple, selecting each individual edge can be time consuming! The new Deburring operation makes this vital step of the machining process a breeze with automatic feature detection, automatic linking, automatic lead in and even automatic collision detection! Simply select your tool, select your geometry, and let us do the rest!


A part with this many edges would normally be a nightmare to deburr, but by just selecting the entire model, BobCAD-CAM V34 gives you all the toolpath you need! The Deburr operation will even do undercuts automatically when a capable tool is selected for the operation!


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