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 CAD Tree Optimization


For the customers that utilize the CAD Tree to modify previous steps, we offer the ability to optimize the CAD Tree History. One thing we see a lot of is many incremental translations to get to a single result. The same thing goes for Rotate, Rotate 3D, and Delete. Instead of a single instance, many have been used in a row to achieve the result. Since every step is tracked and saved this causes a file size much larger than it needs to be. Now, you can simply optimize these functions and instead of tracking five separate instances of Translate to get from A to B, we simplify it to a single tracked instance. This can be applied to:

  • Translate
  • Rotate
  • Rotate 3D
  • Delete

In the example below, you can see a CAD Tree with some room for optimization, and the result of using the Optimize CAD Tree option. Notice the file size difference:

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