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BobCAD-CAM Crashes (Nt.dll Crash Fault Module)


The NT.dll is a windows system library file. When crashes occur with this as the fault module there are many problems that may cause this. The NT.dll fault is a very generic error. The NT.dll is not specific to BobCAD-CAM.

You can find out what Fault Module your crash is by opening “View Reliability History” on your computer and selecting the crash from the list.


Please first review the following article to help with most crashing / performance type issues:

How to Improve the Performance of BobCAD-CAM on a Computer


Common Issues that can cause this kind of crash are:

1. The ntdll.dll error you’re receiving could be due to a one-time, temporary issue and a simple reboot may resolve the problem completely.

2. Issues can be related to a Windows service pack.

3. Issues can be related to the graphics driver.

4. Issues can be spyware or other malware on the computer.

5. Bad memory cluster.


Troubleshoot Guide Below:


1. What are your Computer Specs?


Card-Video Card Driver Version & Date

Windows Version - HDD -

Computer Brand-

Ensure that the computer meets requirements and that all drivers and Windows updates are applied.


2. How many other applications / processes are running when this happens?

To check, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to launch the task manager and check the processes number in the task manager.

Ensure that the computer is not overloaded with background applications running or eating up memory.


3. What antivirus are you running?

Run a antivirus scan - You can try AVG antivirus. The free version should be okay to run the scan:


4. Run a Spyware Scan

Run a spyware scan: You can try using Spybot S&D -


5. Run a Disk Analyzation & Defrag



6. Clean-up temporary system files



7. Run a memory test to check for any hardware problems

You can try using this website:


8. Contact support with all findings if you are unable to fix the issue using these steps ( Support Number: (727) 489 – 0003 , Email: [email protected] )

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