Please Submit a Separate Post-Processor Modification Request For Each Machine.

Please include a signed copy of the Post Processor Creation/Modification Acknowledgement Form with the Post-Processor Modification Request Form and send them in via e-mail to [email protected] or via fax to (727) 442-9264.

Please check your email for a confirmation email containing your post request ticket number. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes, please call the Technical Support Department at 727-489-0003 or [email protected].

Please make sure you send the following files with each post-processor modification request.

  1. BobCAD file with machining features and tool paths included.
  2. Modified NC file/document with notes at the modified lines/blocks.
  3. The latest version of the Post Processor file (*.MillPst, *.BCPst, *.EDMPst, etc.)
  4. Machine definition folder.
  5. An electronic copy (Pdf) of the Programming manual.
  6. Relevant information that could be helpful to assist in the timely completion of the Post Processor modifications.
    • For example, a Picture of the complete controller screen with the error description

Download Post-Processor Creation/Modification Acknowledgement Form

Download Post-Processor Modification Request Form