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Adjusting the Units in BobCAD


BobCAD currently has two major ways to change the units in the software which are to change it in the main window, or in the settings page.  Both strategies have their own advantages and will be illustrated below.


 Changing Units in the Main Window

As shown in the picture below, the bottom right corner of BobCAD will illustrate the units that the user is currently using.  If the user wishes to change the units then they can just click on the dropdown button and select the correct unit.  This method is typically the quickest way to change the units but will only affect the current job that the user is working on.


Note: If there is already geometry in the current document then it will be scaled so that the size of the drawing does not change.  (Example. 1 inch = 25.4mm)


Changing the Units in BobCAD Settings

By going to the BobCAD Settings on the top left corner of the home page as shown in the image below the user can change the current document and document default’s unit type.  Once in the BobCAD Settings window, the user can select whether they would like to change the units for the current document or the document’s defaults (affects future new documents but not the current one being worked on).  After changing the unit type the user can hit the apply button and also can apply these settings as a default or to the current document depending on which page they are on.




Video: Changing Units


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