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Kayako OnSite is currently only available for Microsoft Windows.
What am I downloading and how does it work?
OnSite is a remote support tool that works by temporarily installing itself on your computer in an area of your hard drive where it will be removed next time the hard drive is cleaned up.

When you start it, you and our operator will be connected over the Internet, and they will be able to share control of your keyboard and mouse as long as you allow them to (you can override the controls and end the session at any time).
Is it safe to run on my computer?
It is completely safe. Only the operator who is assisting you will be able to gain control of your computer, and only as long as OnSite is running and you grant them access.

If at any time you wish to end the session, simply hold down the Control key and press F1. The session will immediately end and the operator will no longer be able to control your computer.
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