Known G-Code File Extensions
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Below is a list of known file extensions for G-code programs.

Note about file extensions:  Newer machines will allow for the reading of most any file extension, some machines require that the file extension be set to a certain name. If the file extension is not set up corectly the machine may not read the file from a floppy disk, Network or USB drive.

The file extensions mentioned here are not garunteed to be correct for each model and make, however these are typical to most machines.

The naming convention below is represented as *.Extension the file names saved should be as an example: "myprogram.extension" or "O123.tap"

Anilam *.m

Apt .apt

Acramatic *.nc

Apex *.cnc

Axyz *.nc

Beisse Rover *.*

Betlotti *.nc

Biemmepi *.nc

Bridgeport *.nc

Bridgeport EZ Track *.txt , *.nc

Cam Tech *.ncc

Central CNC *.ecs

Centroid *.cnc

Centurion *.*

Cincinnati *.tap

CR Onsrud *.NC

Datron *.tap

Denford *.fnc

Desk CNC *.dnc

E-Z router Mach 3 *.tap

Emc .ncg

Fadal *.tap , *.nc

Fagor *.nc

Flexicam *.gc

Fanuc *.tap

Fanuc mm *.fan

Flashcut *.fgc

Flexicam *.din

Haas *.ncc *.txt *.tap

Heidenhein *.tap

Holzer *.xpi

Hurco *.hnc

Heidenhein *.h

Heidenhein *.i

Isel *.ncp

Num *.tap

Omnitech *.tap

Onsrud *.nc

Okuma *.min

Practical CNC *.tap

Prototrack *.GCD

Roland *.rol

Holzer *.tap


Homag Weekie *.mpr

Homag Weekie *.ply

Komo *.OUT

Mach 2/3 *.txt

Mazak *.eia

Mazatrol fusion  *.nc

Mill plus *.nc

Micro Mill *.tap

Multicam HPGL *.plt

Multicam ISO *.cnc

Milltronics *.*

North Wood *.tap

Num *.nc

Opticut *.nc

Prototrak *.gcd

Shop Sabre *.tap

Techno-Isel *.ncd

Thermwood *.nc

Vision *.cnc

WINCNC *.tap

Shopbot *.sbp

Siemens *.mpf

Yasnack *.nc

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