Update Vs Upgrade
Posted by Sean Owen on 31 July 2014 09:08 AM

Software update, upgrade--what's the difference?

Find out the differences between an BobCAD-CAM software update and an upgrade.


A BobCAD-CAM "software upgrade" means a major, standalone version of a software product. Such products are usually something you purchase. BobCAD-CAM upgrades are sometimes also called "Add-On Modules"

For example, BobCAD-CAM 5 Axis Pro is an upgrade that is available for BobCAD-CAM.


A "software update" updates a major (reference release) version of software, but does not upgrade it to the next major version (if one exists). Software updates are made available via download from the BobCAD-CAM Knowledge base and typically provides fixes and  enhancements the stability, compatibility, of your BobCAD-CAM Software. For example, BobCAD-CAM provided the BobCAD-CAM Build 2198 as a software update to BobCAD-CAM V29.

Additional Information

Key differences

  • A software update is usually downloadable free of charge with an active support subscription; a software upgrade usually is not.
  • A software upgrade usually increments the "Version" number of a product (for example BobCAD-CAM Version 29; a downloadable software update usually increments the "build" number (for example, BobCAD-CAM Version 29 Build 2198).
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