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Program 2D Parts Faster with 3D CAD-CAM Toolpaths
Posted by Mike Downss on 16 November 2017 03:48 PM
Can 3D Toolpaths save you programming and cycle time? What makes 3D Toolpaths different than 2D Toolpaths? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of 3D Toolpaths for 2D parts.   Geometry Selection: With BobCAD-CAM V30 you can apply 2D Toolpaths to wireframe, surface edges and surface faces. So, no matter if your...  [Read More]
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Quality CAM Software That Doesn’t Break the Bank
Posted by Mike Downss on 10 November 2017 11:41 AM
It’s the age-old question: quantity or quality? How to get the most for your buck without sacrificing the features you need. This is a real-life scenario for shops with smaller budgets. BobCAD’s CAM package gives you all the tools and features you need without unnecessarily overcharging you for them. It’s powerful enough to accommodate the...  [Read More]
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Tech Tuesday: CAD-CAM Training On Your Time
Posted by Mike Downss on 07 November 2017 11:27 AM
Tech Tuesday is a weekly blog that addresses some of the most common questions and concerns that I hear throughout the previous week from users of BobCAD-CAM software. Both customers and noncustomers are more than welcome to leave a comment on what they would like to see covered for the following Tech Tuesday. Enjoy!  ...  [Read More]
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BobCAD Visits South-tec in South Carolina
Posted by Mike Downss on 03 November 2017 12:41 PM
In lieu of Tech Tuesday last week, myself and BobCAD Partner Department Director, Alex Cole drove to attend South-tec at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The event was hosted from October 24-26 and brought manufacturing suppliers, distributors and equipment builders from all over the world to showcase their stuff.   South-tec features...  [Read More]
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5 Steps for Running A Successful CAD-CAM CNC Machine Shop
Posted by Mike Downss on 02 November 2017 12:31 PM
How do you keep a CNC machine shop successful? Don’t neglect these basic steps. First and foremost, it’s incredibly valuable to have a CAD-CAM engineer that has a wealth of experience with and is knowledgeable about CAD-CAM software. Second, it’s important to have the right software with the correct machine configuration detailed into it or...  [Read More]
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